Listen Up! It’s Audio Editing

Being an amateur filmmaker I have dabbled with audio editing in the past. It is a technique that, while not a necessity to have, is very useful and stands out if you know how to do it well. When making my short film last semester syncing, enhancing, and tweaking multiple different pieces of recorded audio took up a lot of time but it was ultimately a vital role in the finished project and it was rewarding to learn the technique. Being a Cinema Studies major and a DCIM minor I definitely think such a skill will come in handy for a future internship or even a job. I want to eventually work on big budget films or t.v. productions and the kind of audio editing that goes into jobs such as those is very extensive and requires a lot of skill.

This particular assignment was fun because I love music, I can’t go a day without listening and I love just about all genres of music. I had briefly used Garageband in the past but never Audacity. When I made the short film I became accustom to Premiere Pro, that was the software I used to edit audio. I did a number of things to the audio in my film including splicing a song, fading music in and out of a particular scene, muffling character audio, and manipulating recorded voice audio to give it that “on the other side 0f the phone” sound. Many of those techniques were learned in class but others required instructional videos I found online, much like that of the videos we watched. All of those techniques required a lot of attention and practice in order to get it just right (and it didn’t help that I am a complete perfectionist and would not stop until it was perfect).

It is actually incredible the amount of things you can do with audio, the way you can manipulate it, stop it on a dime, fade it, etc etc. Not to mention music in specific is a huge booster to the moral of a film/t.v. show or just for a particular scene in general. Many do not understand how vital music or good audio is to the fluidity and narrative of a production, what it does to entice the viewer. If one were to watch a heart felt scene from their favorite movie once, then silence the audio and watch the same scene again it would be a different experience because music, in particular, helps to draw a specific emotion in its viewers. It makes the sad scenes sadder, the epic scenes more epic, and the scary scenes awfully haunting. It’s actually awesome if you think about it.



3 thoughts on “Listen Up! It’s Audio Editing”

  1. Movie making is so interesting and unique. Audio editing will most definitely play an important role in your future career. Music is an essential part to movie making, and sound effects in general will become very important in the process. Garage Band and Audacity will be very useful in your future career!


  2. Really awesome that this is a true place to promote your talent. I am also interested in the entertainment field just as you are. I am not so familiar with Rutger’s film/production school so if you have any insight on that situation, it would be much appreciated.


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