Podcast Intro – Audio editing for the bros

Doing this audio splice and making a “podcast introduction” was actually fun. I played around with a bunch of the different tools Audacity has to offer and, on c0ntrary to my previous blog post, I have  a typical understanding of the ins and outs of Audacity. I hope you guys liked it and I hope the link above works.

I watched a video called “Batman: Haunted Gotham – LOTD” on ChannelAwesome.com and good lord was it a trip haha. It started out with this chubby guy dressed as a what I believe to be his cosplay rendition of the character Penguin from the Batman comics and movies. He spoke in a voice to mimic the character and basically told the story of Batman and his adventures and victories in “Haunted Gotham”. The rest of the video was mainly voice over of the man talking and giving play by play of the events taking place in the tale while a series of comic strips played in a slideshow fashion. It is unclear to me whether the comic strips were something her created himself or an actual strip of comics that he just used to give a visual because the word bubbles of the characters on the strips did not match exactly what he was saying, however they did depict real time pictures of Batman and the creepy villains he was facing. It was very strange; he spoke of space snakes and Bruce Wayne being a grown man still living with his parents, Martha and Thomas, and how his parents were killed by an evil werewolf and then brought back to life in an attempt to kill Batman but Batman defeated them and yada yada yada. There was not much extravagance to the video per say, only one camera angle of the actual narrator (Penguin) himself inside a room heavily draped in Halloween decorations. The rest were just images of the comic strips fading in and out of one another. It was comical at some points but for the most part was just kind of ridiculous to be honest. I really wonder what that guys day job must be.



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