Video Editing – Finally something I am used too, sheesh

Heyyo! What is up guys this is Darius comin’ at you for a another week of homework. Finally we did something that I really like to do and I think I am pretty good at: Video editing. To be honest I didn’t always like to edit video, when I was making my short film last semester it was easily one of the biggest headaches when trying to get together the final cut. It took hours and hours and a few sleepless nights for me to not only learn how to video edit intensely but but to get my movie to be exactly how I wanted and always imagined it. To be even more honest, I absolutely hate iMovie. Compared to the other editing softwares I have used like Adobe Animate and Premiere Pro this software was confusing, to simple, and a pain in the ass. It doesn’t help that I am not by any means an avid Mac user. The only apple products I know how to really use is the one that fits in my pocket. I feel much more comfortable with the other softwares I mentioned, despite how they are way more expensive then iMovie. For being free iMovie isn’t terrible but I just wasn’t impressed. If I was able to use Premiere Pro on this video and really spend like a few hours on the editing I could have done a lot in 2 minutes. But nonetheless here we are and there my video is above. I chose the two eportfolios because I really liked Kekai’s drawings and artwork and to be honest Jack’s eportfolio on photography was the best one I could find with a google search. The best part about Jack’s was the restoration he did on the damn near 100 year old photograph of a Washington Parade from 1919.

As far as what Bogost said in his article about games, I do agree that there are games that make you feel powerful and, in another sense, can make you feel a sense of nostalgia that nothing us can. When you play a certain game long enough or just really like it you become embedded in the characters themselves and the storyline. The experience becomes a virtual reality. I am no the biggest video gamer but when I do dabble there is a game that I love to just sit there and play for hours, its called Assassins Creed. You might have heard it because they are also in the process of editing a movie based on the game that is going to come out in May 2017 I am pretty sure. They have been filming the movie for several months now. That game is basically about Assassins who fight for their order and for the greater good (against the bad guys). It is so enticing to play; I have found myself at times waking up at at 10am, start playing, a snack break and bathroom trip later, I blink and its 10pm. Thats what good video games are meant to do.



One thought on “Video Editing – Finally something I am used too, sheesh”

  1. we have similar opinions when it comes to Bogost’s article. We both agree that video games can give someone a sense of virtual reality. There are so many games and gaming platforms out there today that connect people unlike any other. It truly is interesting.


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