Midterm Analysis/Group Collaboration

The midterm was not as hard as I thought it might be to be honest. I actually liked that I could choose my own topic to make the video on and that while we had basic things that had to be done to receive full credit I was also happy that I had the chance to edit it and put it together in a fashion that I liked and felt would best suit it. The paper was a tad more difficult for me just because of the structure and what needed to be included but otherwise that even was not that bad. The topic of my video was something that I have a lot of interest in and I was glad that I was able to share a piece of information with someone who might not know all the details behind true cinematography (even though I only got to explain one or two topics briefly in such a large field of interest). Furthermore, I look forward to working in a group on the final video project we have to make for Rutgers Career Services. Working in groups is something I am not shy to at all. Collaborating with fellow peers towards a common goal tends to reveal the true colors, and work ethics, of all of those members involved. In “What is Collaboration Anyway” Hyde explains a phenomenon in working collaboratively that worried me, he noted that “collaborative action can have more than one intent, it can also have more than one repercussion” (Hyde 29). He continued the thought by mentioning that “a single collaborative action can imply different and even contrasting group associations” and that “this group identity crisis can undermine the legitimacy of collaborative efforts altogether” (Hyde 29). Basically what I believe Hyde to mean is that when working in a group different ideas are always naturally flowing and the opinions of said ideas from all members are as well and sometimes can lead to confusion and conflict over what ideas should carry over into the final draft. This is a something I have dealt with in the past and I believe the only way to solve such a problem is to keep a professional, open line of communication between all collaborators so that ideas and opinions can be disputed reasonably until compromise is made. I feel as though my group and I will be able to do just that.

Image result for images people working in group


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