Top 5 Midterm Blogs

Here we go!

  1. James Given’s Blog –>

I really liked this blog because of how much work he put into the topic he was writing/making a video about. I am an huge football fan and an avid game watcher during the regular and post season and I found it really interesting to see the evolution of every teams logo throughout the years in the NFL. I also liked the set up of everything on the site itself. It had readable fonts, pictures to go along with what he was talking about, and the content was actually something I really enjoyed learning about. Great job on the blog!

2. Isabella’s Travel Blog –>

I must admit, at first I found the homepage of the blog to be very confusing, as I was looking for the midterm video, but alas as I clicked on the links she provided I was astounded by the depth of interest she took in her topic. Traveling is something I wish I had the opportunity to do more of growing up and it is certainly something I plan to do in the future when money is no longer a factor. Her blog posts were well put together, easy to read, and I could relate to some of the destinations and adventures she talked about to my own experiences with traveling.

3. Kaylee Stroup’s Srat blog –>

Being a member of Greek life myself I found this blog to a breath of fresh air because she really made some great points about the reputation and stigmas about Greek organizations and how most of them are stereotypical and not true. Greek life is about way more than just hazing, partying, and binge drinking, whether Fraternity or Sorority, and I related to a lot of what Kaylee said on the topic. Also, the layout of her blog well complimented the topic at hand, the colors and pictures etc etc. Awesome blog and I am glad that somebody chose this topic to talk about.

4. Julia Motis’s blog –>

I got a  very “techy” feel from this blog the second I clicked the link and before even scrolling down. To my surprise the topic was surrounded around media and more specifically LinkedIn which is something I have a basic knowledge of but have been meaning to learn more about. After watching her video and reading her post I must say that I am way more knowledgeable now on LinkedIn and the powerful tool it can be for sure. Very useful blog.

5. Nikisha’s Travel Blog –>

I think I am a sucker for travel blogs because this is the second one in my top 5 lol. I really like hearing about the adventures people have outside of New Brunswick, or even their hometowns, because it reminds me that while we are all students at this school our lives do not revolve solely around Rutgers.. This blog was really good and I enjoyed reading her content. The blogs design is really inviting and easy to navigate as well. Her midterm video reminded me that I have video footage of my own from the places I have been to that I want to edit and make a huge montage out of. Nice blog.

Woo Hoo!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Midterm Blogs”

  1. Hey i think all the people in your top five did a great job. I also liked alot of the travel blogs that were presented. I chose shoregoodtravel for my top five but I also enjoyed the other travel blogs and its good that you enjoyed them all.


  2. Looks like we had a few of the same blogs in our top 5. It also seems that we both weighed how we ranked the sites by both its look and content. I found some blogs informative but not visually appealing and vice versa. The great blogs seemed to do both well.


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