Group Project: Creative Direction

Well, my group and I chatted briefly at the end of this weeks class and discussed our plan for going about the video. What started out as making a groupme so that we could stay in constant contact turned into talking about what kind of video we wanted it to be. Taking the “first-person experience” approach seemed like a general consensus among us. I also suggested the use of a Gopro to capture some footage I want to take of the career services building and office for the project as well. I may also be able to get my hands on an actual camera and audio equipment from another class of mine so that we have more options than just our cellphones and earbuds. I think the approach we take towards the filming and editing process of the project will be a smooth, in the moment one. I see know reason why we would need any lighting equipment, natural lighting tends to look and work the best typically and if time permits I can even see us getting creative with the type of shots that we take. Collabing on the editing process should also be fun. However, I hope we can get our hands on some better editing software than iMovie


3 thoughts on “Group Project: Creative Direction”

  1. Hey Darius! Yeah, this pretty much summarized everything we talked about. I really like how easy it was for us to agree on a topic, and even easier to just kinda say ‘hey, this is where we want to take this, and this is where it’ll go.’ I’m really looking forward to working on this with you guys, especially since you have a lot of experience in this field already. Right off the bat we filmed a Mannequin Challenge, so I’m sure we have this one in the bag. We got this!


  2. The GoPro idea is honestly great, I think that it will definitely put the viewers in first person experience where they are actually going though the office is stellar. Maybe it will motivate people to actually get up and go because they will see how easy it is!


  3. It would be awesome if you could have access to better equipment in order to film and edit. Although iPhones have a much better quality than they used to, it is obviously not going to be the same as having professional equipment to utilize. It is great that you seem to have some experience from another class and that you can use other equipment to your advantage.


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