Creative Commons, bruh

This day in age making original content to put out in the world is a hard thing to do considering there are so many other minds out there conjuring up the same idea, or something dangerously similar. Originality is the key to a successful artist, whether it be on a professional level or a group project for your Strategic Presentation class. I do not think my group members and I will have a tough time being original but we will have to be careful not to seem to similar to anything else created or use something the wrong way and run into legal problems.

First we would need a fresh song to play in the background and personally I am a big fan of upbeat instrumental music. It is a great filler for spaces in films/tv shows that need a little something extra to either compliment the mood/atmosphere or simply keep the audience from falling asleep during the scene. Using the CC search I came across a track on sound clould that I think would be great to use in our project:


I really dug the vibe of this song, I twas warm and inviting and I could visualize it playing in the background of some of our scenes.

Then I found an image using CC of an angle I want to use in the “mock interview” scene that my group and I are going to do. Pretty standard but I figure you have to know the basics before you can go and start getting super duper creative.


I hate most politicians but this is a classic dialogue sequence shot reverse shot angle that I can see us utilizing.

Finally I wanted to give everyone a look into the kind of footage I want to capture using the Gopro one of my group members is providing. I will be using a head cam to capture the POV shot that I have been dying to do for so long now.

Now granted this is video of a swat team doing a home raid and not going into a building to great the front desk of a career servives department but it gives you the idea of the kind of POV shot I want to capture for this video. Watching you cant help but be engaged by the footage and even feel like you are a part of it.

I am excited!!!


3 thoughts on “Creative Commons, bruh”

  1. I think the most useful piece of media found is the idea for the interview scene. That type of shot is going to be helpful when you want to position your actors in the interview and focus on one of them speaking, but still see that the other is present and listening. I like that at this angle, the actor listening will be slightly blurry, and the focus will shift to the person talking. It gives a nice effect that the two people are engaging in conversation and it makes it more realistic to see it from this angle, rather than having the camera focus solely on the person speaking head on. As for the Lessig reading, this idea of a shot is important to your video, and is also legal to reenact. Using Creative Commons to find ideas is great because you know it is not a copyright issue when trying to recreate them.


  2. I love everything you included in this post. I think everything could be very useful to us, especially the picture you provided of the over-the-shoulder shot. The GoPro is going to give us some amazing opportunities and dope shots. I never really thought about it, but I like your idea to include background music. It will definitely help set the tone. I’m excited to start working on this too!!


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