Group Progression

So far my group and I hav made some progress on the road to creating the video and writing the paper. We have already divied up the topics of the for writing the paper among us based on the particular parts of the video we are focusing on or a specific skill we specialize in and will be going for in the video. We have also established what type of video production we want this to be. We have a heavy focus on making a good portion of this video a sort of “first-person experience” video with a good amount of gopro footage of the Career Services building, the jounry to get to the career services building, and footage of the office itself. We have also completed the storyboard and have been working on the details of our script and what role each of us will play on camera as well as behind the scenes.

With that in mind we have also met some hurdles as a group lately. One of our biggest problems, ironically, is trying to find the time to all work on the project together. Due to busy schedules not matching up we have struggled to all get together and start filming. Another was deciding exactly what aspect of Career Services we wanted to focus on and therefore portray in our film. We want to make sure that the topic is both one that we like and can properly and accurately portray in our video.

Some tools that have been offered to us in class that we have talked about using are Audacity, Screen-o-matic, Soundcloud, and iMovie. We feel these assets will provide us with just about everything we need to make the best movie possible. But in all honesty I would still rather get my hands on a premiere pro subscription to edit the film.


One thought on “Group Progression”

  1. I think the idea of the first-person experience with the GoPro is really awesome. It will be much different from how most people consider filming their projects. Although it will be difficult to find time to get together, at least you have some filming done and some great ideas to work with in the meantime.


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