While we’re talking star wars, lets talk star wars

I found the article by Henry to be quite interesting actually. His theory on Tarantino and Star Wars boggled my mind because hypothetically if Quinten was involved I don’t know how good Star Wars would be anymore. As a film major I say that because I have noticed that Tarantino is quite the unique filmmaker to say the least. Personally I don’t like all of his work; a lot of it is sporadic, confusing, and I don’t get where the narrative is supposed to lead me to believe or understand in his work. So filming a star wars film might not be his best move, I think we should leave that to J.J. and the gang.

Anyway though I wanted to talk also about the how this theory of being obsessed with a particular movie/tv show, book, etc. I think the course of a persons obsession with a particular piece of media, regardless its form, has to do best with how well he or she relates to that media. For example, lately I have been overly obsessed with a show called Shameless, a Showtime series that has its first 6 seasons on Netflix (the seventh season is currently being aired weekly, and I hope they have begun to work on season 8). I am so in love with this show and not just because the main character Fiona (played by actress Emmy Rossum) is so damn beautiful but because the overall tone and mood of the show is very in your face, raunchy, vulgar, and, ultimately, virtually realistic in todays society. I relate to this show so heavily because I share some of the same ideals and characteristics that the characters on the show do, aka I am vulgar and very real and in your face as well. Thats just me. So therefore the narrative I create in my head from watching is one of more empathy and I can relate to rather than just learning from it or being surprised by its content (even though that is how it started out for me when I first began to watch and thats normal).


Furthermore, in regards to the reading something in particular stood out to me when reading Henry. That was is notions on viewer consumerism. The theory of how a movie or a movie franchise can be so overwhelmingly popular that it sells itself and by selling itself its consumers do much of the promotion and give it a lot of the publicity it needs to sell more in boxoffice or on DVD without having to rent out a billboard on the highway or pay for a promotion add. You wont find a single person in your neighborhood who doesn’t love star wars and therefore has some kind of star wars paraphanalia. Like a mug, a t-shirt, a toy lightsaber, a lunchbox, or anything else. We the viewers are the first form of promotion, as long as we don’t violate copyright laws, then we are not so much anymore and that is where the line is drawn in the media world.


One thought on “While we’re talking star wars, lets talk star wars”

  1. Hey Darius. I really like what you said about how there are a lot of films that belong to franchises that have the ability to sell themselves. We have seen a lot of this, especially when it comes to movies like Star Wars, The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. People become so involved in shows and movies like these. Merch is created, fan clubs are started, and yes, the internet exists, which allows franchises like these to catch like wildfire. They become so popular that they actually begin to sell themselves, leaving the numbers and success in the hands of the fans. I really like the points you made here. Awesome work!


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