Who is Darius Miller?

My name is Darius Andrew Miller, I am a 21 year old senior here at Rutgers – New Brunswick. I am a Cinema Studies major and a Digital Communication, Information, & Media minor hoping to one day be employed with either a t.v. or film production company/network. I am New Jersey born and raised; I moved around a lot as a kid having resided in Newark, Elizabeth, Edison, and then finally Hamilton for most of middle school and high school until graduating in 2013 and coming straight to Hub City for college. It was the summer going into my junior year here at RU when I realized that film-making was something that I was passionate about. I have always loved movies and television (who doesn’t right) and for a long time I would think to myself “what would it be like to make one of those myself?” and now through a college education I am slowly learning what it takes to become a filmmaker in a dog-eat-dog industry everyday and I am loving it just about every step of the way.

Visiting Vista Point in San Fransico, CA