Image Editing

I will admit the only image editing skills I have are the ones I have used for a few years geared towards making my social media pictures look on point haha. I am not afraid to admit it. I have never been a big photoshop user; I have never really seen the point in wanting to go and cut my face out and put it on someone else body or contort a certain part of my body in an image to make it look different or anything like that. No, I strictly use filters, and the image editing tools that are given to me via the social network I am using to post it or an app or two geared towards editing images and videos. Instagram and its editing tools would be the best sum up of what I have used for years.

Below I am going to post two pictures. The first is from waaaaayy back in the day when Instagram was as fairly new to the world as I was to image editing. The second is much more current, a little over a year ago when Insta was quite more updated and my image editing skills were too.

Now as you can see above these images are of complete different editing styles. Back in the day when Insta first dropped I was in love with all of the different borders that each filter they offered had accompany it, as you can see in the picture to the left. The picture is also sort of dark and not quite sharpened enough, nor is their any emphasis on specific characters or features in it (I thought this was a slammin edit job back then btw).

However, in the second picture you can see a big difference. For starters there is no border (thank goodness Insta and I grew out of that phase together), the image is brighter and has a better flow of colors and styles to it. For example I made sure to pick a filter that helped emphasize the view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, and I tweaked the brightness, saturation, sharpness, and some other factors to make the rest of the complimentary colors in the image pop, like the red Rutgers hoodie for example. While this may still be amatuer stuff for some others, this was a big step for me when I edited this on the plane ride back to Jersey that spring.

As the days go by and the more pictures I take I find new ways to edit my pictures and my style and preference for how I want a specific image to look, or what I want it to say, is changing just as I do.

Let me know what you think!