What is this ish about?

Hey everybody, this here is my blog and in addition to posting my homework assignments for Strategic Presentation Fall 2016 on this blog I will be posting tons of stuff about film-making! Film-making is (give or take) my choice of study here at Rutgers U and I hope to go into the making of major motion pictures or television production some day. Here is where I will post some of the work I have done in the past which include short films, photographs, animations, screenplays, and more. It is also a place where I might post links to some youtube videos about film I find interesting regarding my favorite filmmaker, techniques, or scenes and also where I occasionally will post some critique or analysis on some of my favorite movies/t.v. shows. I tend to be a real film/t.v. geek sometimes so here is where I will basically let it all out. Hope you enjoy!


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